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This document Apr 30 2021, copyright (C) 2021 Herb Johnson. After a year of Covid isolation, I attended this Vintage Computing Federation - East Swap Meet on April 24 2021, at Wall, New Jersey USA. Just some snapshots of things I saw and some overall views. It opened for sales at 8AM; I arrived at 9AM, and left near noon. The weather was perfect. It was good to see many of my friends and associates again. - Herb Johnson

a view when I entered, 9AM
down the first row, lookit the truck!
And there's more! A router but not for networking!
Apple 6502 stuff - and a reflection now who was that masked man?
Mac G5 and later, about year 2000
Armatron and other 1990's
the only S-100 item for sale
a tangerine iMac and some audio gear, are they related?
bedside reading
Sun in the sunshine
The Commodore surveys his domain ..
no sale event without TI. and Timex.
Things winding down by noon.



I was pleased that everyone wore masks and mostly kept distance. A lot of people were glad to see me. I'm surprised sometimes, at who remembers me. Of course I was glad to see my VCFed friends there.

The tech was vintage computing from about 1980 forward, a lot post 1990, not much earlier. On older comp tech: one person showed me a DEC PDP-11 with an RX02 (8 inch floppy drive) they 'scored' that day, for a price too low to mention. A *single* S-100 card, a UVPROM burner, for too much money.

Otherwise a mix of C64, Atari, Apple (II and Mac), and that class of stuff; a lot of ISA (Pentium and earlier PC compatible) and some PCI stuff. A little Sun SGI stuff. And a good amount of 10-25 year old PC stuff; plus IBM PC XT boxes. There's usually older stuff of my interests, buried amongst the PC stuff. a good number of CRT monitors from the Apple/Mac world. VCFed had a bunch of stuff to offer, excess vintage and some modern-donated items. I grabbed some Mac and Apple II class items. One TI 99/4A called to me, for its keyboard.

Not very much test equipment, there were a few vendors. Usually at a hamfest, one can grab some older but useful and cheap test equipment. I grabbed a little modern stuff, a several year old AMD mobo with RAM and proc. Actually had trouble, finding a medium tower case for it.

About embedded computers. Someone obtained an ISA-class industrial computer, a rack-mount box with passive backplane, about the size of a small air conditioner. *That* was industrial computing in 1995. There were a good number of book-sized embedded PC's, with flash-drive OS's, mostly to run some kind of service delivered by the Internet. Some micro ITX thingies. I grabbed a few of them to mess with.

So I had a good morning there. I didn't linger to chat at length. That will come later. - Herb Johnson

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Andrew Diller took these photos.

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