Teletek SBC-1 of Lou Denbow

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Louis Denbow of Maine (USA) contacted me about his S-100 card in November 2009:

"Herb, I purchased a Teletek SBC-1 Z80 CPU S100 card and would like any documents you have on it, so I can tell what the jumpers do etc. I don't know what computer it originally plugged into. I was going to try it in my Northstar Horizon to see if it works."

I did not have docs for that particular card, but we corresponded about how to set it up.

"Thanks Herb, for your time and help. Yes I do understand all the technical stuff(think I have some 1488's and 1489's in my parts bins), but without schematics it would be difficult to hook anything up to it. My Northstar is not working now anyway so I probably should shoot that bug first."

I said it's not that hard. The serial chips have docs, you can trace from the IC to the external connector and build something. If you draw a schematic for that connector, I can see if it matches the Teletek docs I have, and provide schematics for the interface, possibly provide an interface board IF I have spares.

Lou replied: "Thanks again, Herb. I figured working on the Northstar a good winter project and I've got a good Tektronix scope and the complete schematics so it should be fun. I was a computer tech on IBM mainframes for 30 years so it should bring back good memories.."

Later he added: "Herb, I took your advice, got the docs for the uart and 1488's and 1489's and traced out a serial port to one of the 14 pin header sockets. Fashioned up a crude cable with a db25 connector and hooked it to my laptop running MAXTERM. Powered it up and it started talking to my laptop. Turns out it goes with an alarm system made by Ademco. The onboard eprom is labeled 1983 ademco. Nice to know it works, although I don't know what I'll do with it. Just thought you might want to know the outcome. Now back to the Northstar, Thanks again...Lou"

I congratulated his effort and results, and asked if he'd like me to show them on my S-100 Web site. "Herb, Here are some pictures of my setup. Feel free to post any or all of them..

"I used a null modem to cross over the rcv and xmit lines and a breakout box to see what was happening. Pic 5 is just a shot of my lab. Kind of messy right now as I have 6 projects going on at the same time including an experiment windmill on my roof charging a battery under the Horizon."

"Right now I am waiting for a complete new set of chips (minus the proms) for the MDC-A4 from Jameco as I had the connector to the drive reversed once, fooled by the red stripe and may have fried some chips. I may have to stop and fix a scope first as all three of mine have problems. " - Louis Denbow Contact information:

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