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History of Solid State Music

Apparently Solid State Music was founded by associates of California digital surplus dealers and of the Homebrew Computer Club. Check my WAMECO Web page for more information. One of the SSM founders was John Burgoon, the father of SSM employee and later California Computer Systems (CCS) co-founder Dan Burgoon.

The SSM circuit boards were initally colored blue, and so they were marketed as "the blue boards". Many were sold as blank boards with docs; SSM sold both kits and assembled boards.

Recent work with Solid State Music cards

In 2011, Bob Ammerman contacted me for a good copy of the SSM PB1 EPROM manual. The board programms 2716 and 2708. Here's why in his own words. - Herb

"I am in the process of restoring a NorthStar Horizon computer that I last used in the early 1980s. At this point I am in pretty good shape, except for the schematics of the Solid State Music PB1 EPROM Programmer board. I heavily modified the address decoding logic on the board and I'm trying to reverse engineer what I did 30+ years ago....As designed, the board uses a 4K window to address the EPROM programming socket. This is 4x bigger than it needs to be for 2708s (which I use) and 2x bigger than needed for 2716s (which I don't use). Address space is precious on my system, so I modified the board to only take a 1K window for the programmer socket. Here is how my system is addressed:

0000 .. DFFF - RAM
E000 .. E7FF - Video card
E800 .. EBFF - NorthStar disk controller
EC00 .. EFFF - 1K window for programming socket on SSM card
F000 .. FFFF - 4K of 2708 EPROM on the SSM card 

"Every byte used!:" -- Bob Ammerman

My list of available SSM manuals

Contact me for photocopies of the manuals listed below.

     CB1 8080 CPU board, 26 pgs
     CB1A 8080 CPU board, 26 pgs
     IO2 parallel I/O board 10 pgs
     IO4 instruction manual, 32 pgs
     MB3 2K/4K EPROM board (1702) 8 pgs
     MB4 4K/8k memory board 12 pgs
     MB6B 8K memory board 20 pgs
     MB8A 1K to 16K EPROM board (2708), 18 pgs
     MB8 8K/16K Eprom Board (2708), 1977, 10 pgs
    "MUS-X1 A high level music interpreter" docs & source, 66 pgs
     OB1 Vector Jump and prototype board. 12 pgs
     PB1 2708 2716 Programmer and PROM board, 26 pgs
     SSM 8080 Monitor V1 listing, 1977, 50 pgs
     T1 Terminator board, 1978, 10 pgs
     T1 terminator board manual, 10 pgs
     VB1-C 64 character video interface, 1980, 60 pgs
     VB1-B Video Interface 42 pgs
     VB2 Video Board, 1978, 42 pgs
     VB3 80 character Video Interface, 1980, 72 pgs + 68 pgs source
     VB3A 80 character video interface,
          VB3A Instruction and reference manual, 1981, 60 pgs + 38 pgs source
          VB3A Assembly and troubleshooting manual, 1981, 12 pgs
          SSM VB3 6 X 7 character EPROM retrofit - ROM dump, 6 pgs

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