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Jim Battle's SOL-20 Web site covers the Processor Technology "Sol" and provides a lot of resources including an emulator, files, and manuals.

Additional Processor Tech information is in a document I edited from a comp.os.cpm discussion in 2004 on Persci 8-inch floppy drives. They were used in a Processor Tech product, and that discussion evolved into some Processor Tech recollections. I also got a reply from Lee Felsenstein in August 2005 on the history of the company and of his activities with Proc Tech.

I've worked on a SOL computer in 2012. Check the progress of my work on this restoration Web page.

Regarding the manuals below, I do not offer "sets" of manuals. I offer manuals individually or in some cases I'll identify sections of manuals available seperately. By and large most companies created "sets" of docs from individual manuals for cards and software. Also it's cheaper to YOU if you don't buy docs for card or software you don't have anyway!

Processor Tech hardware documentation:

    Processor Tech 4KRA memory, 16 pgs
    Processor Tech 16KRA DRAM memory, 85 pgs
    Processor Tech 32KRA-1 DRAM memory, 52 pgs
    48KRA - copy, ask
    2KRO EPROM manual: assembly, theory, schematic, 12 pgs
    SOL SOL-20, Sol-PC System manual: assembly, test, schematics: 287 pgs
    3P+S Input/Output Module, assembly and Test, 84 pgs
    General Purpose MEmory Module, GPM and GPM-Sol, 50 pgs
    VDM-1 Video Display Module, 110 pgs
    Polymorphic Systems Video Terminal Interface Manual, [proc tech?] 65 pgs
    Micro Complex "Dual Personality Module for SOL Computers, 10 pgs
    SOL-20 "Troubleshooting manual" - copy, ask
       29 pages. rev changes from rev D (mid-1977) forward; 
       Sol manual addendums, eratta, change notices
    Helios II disk manual - copy, ask
    CUTS (Computer User's Tape System) Assembly & Test, 1977 [proc tech] 76 pgs

Processor Tech software documentation:

    Software Package #1: editor, assembler sources. [proc tech] 64 pgs
    Software Package #2: 5K Basic Manual [proc tech], 40 pgs
    Software Package #2: 5K Basic, souurce listings. 70 pgs [proc tech]
    Software Package 0.5 by Objective Design, w/sources. 60 pgs. 
    CUTER V 1.3 source listing, 16 pgs (actually 32 half sized pages!)
    SOLOS CUTER user's Manual [proc tech] 30 pgs
    Solos revision history - copy, ask
    BASIC/5 Users manual for SOLOS, CUTER, CONSOL [proc tech] 38 pgs
    BASIC 5 User Manual, 46 pgs
    ASSM 8080 assembler manual, 25 pgs
    Extended Cassette Basic USer's Manual [proc tech] 132 pgs
    8080 Cassette FOCAL User's Manual [proc tech], 30 pgs
    ALS-8 User's Manual [proc tech], 100 pgs
    GamePack 1 User's manual, 29 pgs
    GamePack 2 manual, 22 pgs
    PILOT User's manual, 72 pgs
    EDIT 8080 Editor, 53 pgs
    8080 Chess, 42 pgs
    TREK-80, 18 pgs
    FOCAL, 31 pgs (from OCR copy, not original copy)
    Air Traffic Controller, from Creative Computing, 6 pgs (OCRed copy)
    Strategy Games 2: TRAP, from Creative COmputing, 3 pgs (OCRed copy)
    DOS 1-5 applications - copy, ask
    DOS 1-5 operating systems manual - copy, ask
    Extended Disk FORTRAN - copy, ask
    Advanced DEBUG - copy, ask

Software for Proc Tech hardware

    Trek-80 User's Manual - Software Technology Corp. 1977
       18 pgs including 3-page BASIC listing. Instructions for Trek game
       requires AM RADIO for audio, VDM-1 video display card.
       Originally with cassette tape to load program into SOL or Proc. Tech
       don't know if tape software is needed - ??

Processor Tech newsletters, articles: (also some source listings)

    SOLus NEWS, Vol 1 No. 1, 10 pgs (OCR'ed copy, also photocopy)
      MUSIC system, Helios II, PTDOS
    SOLus NEWS, Vol 1 No. 2, 13 pgs (OCR'ed copy also photocopy)
      SOL terminal driver w/source, BASIC console patches, vectored interrupts
    SOLus NEWS, Vol 1 No. 3, 40 pgs (OCR'ed copy also photocopy)
      articles on PTDOS, Z80 S-100 card add in, Tarbell floppy add in, 
      patches to 4.0 Microsoft Basic, SOLUS cassette tape driver (source)
    Processor Technology ACCESS, Vol 1 No. 1., Feb 1977, 12 pgs (OCR'ed copy)
      3P+S interfacing, keyboard and ALS-8, VDM train game source,
      CONSOL source V1.0
    Processor Technology ACCESS, Vol 1 No 2, April 1977, 38 pgs (OCR'ed copy)
      3P+S parallel ports, Proc Tech staff article & photo, VDM mods,
      hardware bug fixes for PC board rev D, 5K BASIC bug integers,
      CUTER1/1 listing V1.3 (bulk of the magazine)
    Processor Technology ACCESS, Vol 1 No 3, June 1977, 19 pgs (OCR'ed copy)
      Run/stop circuit, bug fixes, 50Hz operation, 1st West Coast
      Computer Faire photos, audio cassette test routine source,
      3P+S CUTER fixes, [CUTER listing not included]
    Processor Technology ACCESS, Vol 1 No 4, Nov 1977, 19 pgs (OCR'ed copy)
      short programs for SOLUS from VDS programs in DDJ,
      BYTESAVER (Cromemco) mods for SOL, RUN/STOP fixes for issue #3, 
      simple S-100 bus display schematic (LED's one per line), 
      patches for SOL CR/LF, patches for ALS-8 RAM for SOL,
      GALAXY source listing (game) for SOL
    Processor Technology ACCESS, Vol 2 No 1, March 1978, 31 pgs (OCR'ed copy)
      save BASIC/5 programs in TEXT format on tape (to read by Extended BASIC),
      SOL parallel port interfacing, vectored interrupt fix for SOL, 
      SOL - OP-80 paper tape reader source,  some small BASIC programs

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