Vintage Computing Festival East 2022



Preliminary, my photos from the Vintage Computing Festival - East in April 2022, from the VCF MidAtlantic facilities at InfoAge in Wall, New Jersey USA. I do not have photos of every exhibit. Here's the VCF-Mid's description of exhibits, workshops, sellers. (c) 2022 Herb Johnson all content execept content produced and owned by others. More as I find time to add. Last update May 4 2022. - Herb Johnson


FujiNet [vcfe_2022] Jeff Piepmeier
RR Auction, with core from Saturn rocket, Enigma[vcfe_2022]
Detail of the Enigma[vcfe_2022] The exhibitor was kind enough to explain the Enigma's provinance, as a 1944 German-built military model.

Vintage Handhelds [vcfe_2022]
Foenix modern vintage development [vcfe_2022]
Commodore '82 [vcfe_2022]
"Behind the Scenes" at the Weather Channel[vcfe_2022]
Commodore Reborn[vcfe_2022]
Room 9032A [vcfe_2022]
Wired phone exhibit [vcfe_2022]
Compaq [vcfe_2022]
Tandy work for you: Tandy & Radio Shack [vcfe_2022]
World of PowerPC [vcfe_2022]
Data General Nova 1200 and related [vcfe_2022]
S-100 Revue: their greatest hits pre 1980 [vcfe_2022]From Mike Loewen's collection: The Altair/IMSAI bus of MITS Altair 8800 and IMSAI; the Processor Tech Sol; Vector Graphics Vector 1. 8-inch and 5.25-inch drives in use. A Televideo terminal. On the green Vector 1 top, an original Jade Bus Probe (not a replica board but built later).

DecMate PDP-8 and SpaceWar [vcfe_2022] Dave Gesswein's PDP8/I and D/A's driving a CRT X-Y display.

Televideo - networked CP/M [vcfe_2022]
Speech Syntheisis, on Apple II's and TI 99/4A [vcfe_2022]

Sales and consignment

Retro Innovations [vcfe_2022]
Jeff's Vintage sales [vcfe_2022]
Consignment #1 [vcfe_2022] Consignment area sales conducted by VCF-Mid staff for a percentage of sale price.
Consignment #2 [vcfe_2022]
more consignment [vcfe_2022]
Consignment Tektronix terminal [vcfe_2022]

Repairs, kits, classes

Apple II classroom [vcfe_2022]
make your own core memory [vcfe_2022]
Wierd Macs - Mac repairs [vcfe_2022]
Selectrics and computers [vcfe_2022] Will Donzelli shows a number of IBM Selectric-based terminals and printers. In repair during the event.
Selectric [vcfe_2022]
Glitchworks S-100 repairs [vcfe_2022]
Jon "Glitch" Chapman, and IMSAI [vcfe_2022]

I spent time in Jon Chapman's VCF-East workshop, mostly observing. I enjoyed seeing the IMSAIs under repair. And it was good to see people learning to build kits from components, the other activity there that Jon Chapman usually performs during VCF-East. This year, he could not get parts for his kits.

There were a number of people in the workshop, exercising their collective knowledge of these early vintage computers. It was good to see them again, after two years of Covid kept me from VCF-East. Also note: there was a nice exhibit among the other exhibits, of early S-100 computers thanks to Mike Loewen.

Jon and I tag-teamed on one IMSAI fix. He was looking up details on a front-panel signal that wasn't pulsing; but could not find an early IMSAI schematic. While he was looking, I reverse-engineered the circuit to trace it backwards. He found the problem from the schematic, just as I traced it back, to the same one-shot 74121. Replacing it solved the problem; apparently 40-year-old monostables tend to fail, Jon said at the time. - Herb

InfoAge activities during VCF-East

InfoAge lecture, "where on the Moon?" [vcfe_2022] Frank O'Brian gives a monthly lecture on space exploration history at InfoAge. This month was a review of the five lunar sites visited by Apollo astronauts. The lectures are given at the TIROS and Project Diana radio-dish station near InfoAge, a 60-foot dish restored by Princeton University and in use for student research. Check the InfoAge Space Exporation Center Web site.

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