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On Jan 29-30 2016, the VC Federation sponsored a vintage computer repair event, at their site at the Infoage museum and science center in Wall NJ. Several people brought a substantial amount of vintage computers to clean, test, repair. Primary interest was in Commodore 64 disk drives, including many owned by VCF. These owners, and their tools and equipment, shared their resources and time and knowledge over the course of the weekend. This is the first of a VCF series of workshops; a previous organization called MARCH held similar workshops at InfoAge.

This document will describe some work and show photos of some systems during this event, which are of interest to me. It's not a comprehensive description: other Web sites will have other descriptions and photos. I'll have links to some of them. Thanks to the participants who gave permission and who contacted me with corrections and more information about their work.

Commentary: I enjoyed the weekend. It was good to see my VC friends again, and see some of their work. It was interesting to see all the Commodore 64 attention, and the Pumapunku pile of 1641 drives in various states of repair during the course of the weekend. Bill Degnan had some interesting discussion at Saturday dinner. Thanks to Jeff Galinat for use of his soldering iron, and I admired his S-100 setup. Thanks to Jeff Brace for his management of the event, Evan for various food runs and for accommodations. And my regards to all my colleagues who attended.

I discuss a number of these events on my Web site, as part of my general support for computer restoration. - Herb Johnson

People on-site

who was there? What did you work on? (please complete your name and treasures below)

- Jeff Brace, VCF event sponsor, C-64 & drives - 
- Evan Koblentz, CEO of VCF 
- Jeff Jonas
- David Gesswein - straight 8 PDP-8 repairs
- Bill Degnan - C-64 drive repairs
- Cory Cohen -
- Kelly Leavitt -
- Ian Primus -  
- Herb Johnson - PDP 8/A repairs  
- Jeff Galinat - S-100 testing
- and others as participants or visitors

Computers and hardware on site - photos

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Other Web sites about the event

Bill Degnan's notes

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