Aug 2016 VCF Inc. Repair Workshop

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Aug 20-21 2016 VCF Inc. repair workshop at InfoAge/VCF Museum in Wall, New Jersey USA. I attended Sunday only. Systems in attendance and participants included:

Commodore PC-40 III
Lear ADM-1 terminal
Mac SE/30
Data General Eclipse
UNIVAC parts inventory, testing - Bill Dromgoole
PSS Problem Solver Systems S-100 system - Herb Johnson
Apple II repairs - Evan Koblentz

Photos and u-caption contest:

Lear ADM-1 terminal in repair

Commodore PC-40 III w/Jeff Brace observing

Alex J. and Jonathan S. working on some PS/2 computers

Problem Solver System S-100 box See details on my PSS restoration Web page. On Sunday, I got it from "pulled from the garage" condition to successfully running power without frying anything. No, it took several hours testing to avoid damage, it was not "pray and smoke-test".

Part of UNIVAC parts collection, Bill Dromgoole did some accounting of it. Made a rubber-hose fix of a capstan but it was too nonuniform to work at speed. Still, after he replaced/restored cards to the UNIVAC, he got it to read a tape to the Teletype.

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