Trenton Computer Festival 2017

This Web page last updated Mar 23 2017. copyright Herb Johnson (C) 2017. . In March 2017, I attended the Trenton Computer Festival 2017, at The College of New Jersey. It's one of many vintage computing events I attend or participate in. Check my vintage computing restoration Web page for more such events.

I'll say more later about TCF and its presentations - let's go to the fotos! - Herb Johnson

Vintage computing highlights of TCF 2017

Presentations and exhibits

8-bit robotics exhibit with Evan, Jeff of VCFed Inc.
Evan Koblentz and Apple II robotics exhibit
Jeff Brace and C64 robotics presentation
Evan explains robot API
baxter $40K training robot part of TCNJ's robotics programs
Neil Cherry and MQTT
Frank O'Brien and Apollo DSKY

Not photographed by me:
Brian Stuart from Drexel U., Presentation on ENIAC
Practical Tricks of the [Electronics] Trade, Johathan Allen
on campus: The Sarnoff Collection of COSMAC 1802 and RCA artifacts
and many other presentations & exhnibits, check the TCF Web site.

Flea Market

SGI and BEbox systems by private owner
Caught! rare 360K floppy drives
working TI-99/4A at home

Not photographed by me:
Jeff Galinat, vendor of Arduino, Rasp Pi, related parts

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