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Museums and archives for S-100 history - PRELIMINARY

This Web page last updated Oct 11 2009, with one edit in Oct 2015. It is a WORK IN PROGRESS but as there's many Web search engines, I'm not sure an "index" like this is useful for long. It's one of many Web pages I have about the repair, restoration, and exhibition of "vintage" computers of the 1970's and earlier. Herb Johnson


This Web page lists various organizations and or Web sites, which actively archive S-100 manuals, images of systems and cards, and which may provide history or interpretation. "Interpretation" is a technical term for describing history, use, comparisons to similar items, etc. The point of this page, is to highlight various efforts to create long-term Web sites or organizations for the display, interpretation and preservation of 1970's S-100 microcomputing hardware. To me, "organization" suggests public access, some legal structure, some fixed location, and so forth. By "active archive", I mean the items are cataloged or organized in some manner; their history is discussed in some manner; and some effort is made to present these publically. All physical locations listed here are in the United States unless noted.

I'll list software or documentation archives seperately - they often are done by one person and consist only of PDF's of manuals. If they are by an organization, they may be listed accordingly. Over time, I'll consider these points and this page may change. I welcome comments and contacts from organizations with these interests.

I have many Web links to S-100 and CP/M related Web sites, in my S-100 and CP/M Pointers Web page. Also look at my CP/M how-to Web page.

- Herb Johnson

Software & Document Archives

Technology Systems Labs
Howard Harte and Harte Technology
Herb's Stuff S-100 manual lists
marcus bennett "maben", mostly S-100 archives
an archive of other archives, some S-100 stuff.
Vector Graphic S-100 site, by former employees of VG.
Al Katz's enormous archive, by brand, of old computing

a private mirror of some archives by Betti

Personal archives and museums

Rich Cini's IMSAI and CP/M archive and projects
Dave Dunfield's mostly S-100 archive, code, disk images
CP/M 86 and CP/M 80 Museum Web site of Bill Buckels
Gaby Chaudry's "unofficial" CP/M Web site licensed by DR-DOS Inc
Udo Munk's Z80pack site, with original CP/M and other OS's
Thomas Scherrers's Z80 Info site (now maintained by Gaby Chaudry)
John Elliot's extremely instructive early CP/M page.
Eric Klein's extensive collection and site
Peter Schorn's SIMH simulator for many, MANY old computers
S-100 manuals as part of Richard Pestinger's collection

Corporate, Local and National Museums

[consulting with Thomas Edison]

The photo at left was taken in October 2009 when I "consulted" Mr. Thomas Edison, at his research labs in West Orange, NJ. These labs, preserved much as they were in the early 20th century, are now the Thomas Edison National Historic Park, and an archive for Edison's early work. We'll soon have photos of our tour there, and follow up with research on Edison's work. There's also the Thomas Edison Center, a museum facility in Edison NJ This Menlo Park location has his "tower of light" and a small facility on 36 acres of park site.

The Roebling Museum in Roebling, NJ is an archive of materials and artifacts of the Roebling Co.'s site and town, founded in 1905 as an expansion from their facilities in Trenton NJ. John A. Roebling sold America's first wire rope in the 1840's. He and his sons and developed wire rope technology for suspension bridges, notibly the Brooklyn Bridge of 1883; for early elevators by Otis; wire nets to stop WWI German U-boats; and a host of other applications for decades before and after. The factory in Roebling shut down in the 1970's and is still under EPA supervision. But, the museum was established in the rebuilt guard house at the ground's entrance and opened in mid-2009. I'm doing work there, technically interpreting the engineering drawings from 1910 to 1960 for archiving and indexing.

Arlington Museum of Information Technology (AMIT) in Texas. Associated with the University of Texas, Arlington before they were spun off as a non-profit in 2008. A collection of computing technology from the 1970's 80's and 90's, including several S-100 systems. They are registered with the IRS as of 2008 as a non-profit. Their Web site has a catalog structure which lists their artifacts. They sponsored the first annual Vintage Computer Fair Light - South to be held in conjunction with The 15th annual Antique Science & Retro-Tech Show And Swap Meet. It was March 14, 2009 at the Ramada Hotel, Irving, TX. . The swap meet itself is "the 15th ANTIQUE SCIENCE & RETRO-TECH SHOW & SWAP MEET"

The Computer History Museum is in Mountain View, CA. Part of the museum was derived from Gordon Bell's collection, originally at the "Boston Computer Museum" and moved to California. This is a large, funded and professional effort, supported by many well-known "names" in personal computing of the 1970's and 80's.

The DigiBarn Computer Museum is a private (?) collection of computing items, in a redwood barn near Santa Cruz CA. Their Web site has many first-person accounts of early computing of the 1970's and 80's, which occurred in the California area. Their collection is photographed and discussed on their Web site, and they sponsor or attend many "vintage computing" events and sites.

The former Mid-Atlantic Retro Computing Hobbyists, Inc. (MARCH), as of Oct 2015 the Vintage Computer Federation (VCF) is a nonprofit corporation, sited at the Infoage Learning Center and Museum in Wall, NJ. VCF has a collection on public display of computers of the 1970's and 80's. InfoAge hosts several other organizations, at the former Camp Evans Army Base to support efforts to preserve, research and educate about the history of science and technology. Camp Evans was founded in the early 20th century, and served as an early Marconi radio station, an early communications satellite station, and an Army radio research facility from before WWI to well past WWII. Many of the InfoAge organizations highlight New Jersey's history in science and technology.

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