Membership Card Proto Board

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This page is about a prototype card for Lee Hart's COSMAC 1802 "Membership Card". This link is to the home Web page for the "1802 Membership Card", where there's a link to sales information, and details of the product.

Prototype board

[proto board]

The 1802 Membership Card CPU board, provides a 30-pin I/O and power bus. This card mates to that bus connector, and shows the signals along the edge of the board. The board matches the size of the other Membership Card boards. In principle, it could be added between the CPU board and Front Panel board, if one used a male/female pair of connectors. Or it could replace the Front-Panel board, accomodating power, reset and start circuits, based on the Front-Panel card. The Proto board includes the holes found in the front-panel card, to mount the DB-25 or access the CPU trimpot.

The main feature, are the hundreds of .1-inch spaced holes, for open construction. There's room for a "breadboard" plugboard, or components can be soldered and hand-wired "point to point". What circuits could you add? Check other 1802 projects for interfaces or sensors or drivers. One example is TMSI's BASYS Board product from 1978. The manual for BASYS, suggests possible interface circuits.

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