Spectrum/8 LC Card

[Note: the following was provided by Jan-Hinrich Sick in 2008. At that time I had one of these cards available, details on this page. - Herb Johnson]

The Spectrum/8 LC Card supports the following displays (and other displays which support the same resolution/refresh rate, you may use an adaptor plug to connect a display of a more recent make):

- Apple 12-inch RGB
- Apple Color 13-inch
- 16-inch Trinitron Display
- 19-inch SuperMatch Platinum Display
- 19-inch Dual-Mode Trinitron Display
- 19-inch SuperMatch Color Display
- 21-inch Platinum Two Page Display
- 21-inch SuperMatch Two Page Color Display
- Apple Macintosh Portrait Display
- Apple 21-inch Monochrome
- RasterOps 19-inch
- Radius 19-inch 

Here is Information about supported resolutions for the Spectrum/8 Card (LC PDS), as printed in the manual:

512 x 384 pixels (Apple 12" RGB)
640 x 480 pixels @ 67 Hz
640 x 870 pixels (Apple Portrait Display)
832 x 624 pixels @ 75 Hz
1024 x 768 pixels @ 60 Hz
1024 x 768 pixels @ 75 Hz
1152 x 870 pixels @ 75 Hz
1152 x 882 pixels @ 72 Hz (Radius 19" / 72 Hz Trinitron Display)

Color Resolutions: 4, 16, 256 colors and 256 shades of grey or black and white.

of multiple desktops with this card is also available.

Incompatibility note:
In the release note it is said, the Spectrum/8 card is not well suited to drive an Apple 21" Monochrome Display (lack of contrast). The SuperMac 21" display should not be affected.

Grey Setting Problem on a Macintosh LC:
Because of a CPU bug in the Macaintosh LC the Spectrum/8 graphics card will always come up in color mode after restart, even if it was set to grey shades before. The problem can be fixed with an init called "LCINIT" provided with the spectrum software.

[Here is] the SuperVideo Software to be used with the card. The software comes in two flavours: very old version 2.49, as delivered with my card, and the most recent version 3.1. The files are SuperVideo3.1.sit and SuperMac.zip.

This information site might be useful: http://www.vintagemacworld.com/radius/spectrum.html

I hope this will help you to make the next owner of your spectrum/8 a fully satisfied costumer.

best regards, Jan-Hinrich

Herb Johnson
New Jersey, USA
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