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This Web page is specific to Heath-Zenith computer items I have for sale. See my Heath - Zenith general Web page for more information about Heath-Zenith computers of the 1970's and 80's. Ordering information and how to email @ me can be found in this notice.

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Heath Zenith Z-100 computers

[Zenith Z110 system]

[Zenith Z120 system]

The following are items for sale for the Heath Zenith Z-100 or Z120 systems. Another Web page has a description of Heath / Zenith" Z-100 S-100 based computers.

The Z-110 model pictured on the left is generally called the low profile model, without an internal CRT monitor; the Z-120 or "all-in-one" model shown on the right had a internal monochrome CRT monitor (which many updated to color). These models have a six-slot S-100 backplane on their 8085 and 8088 CPU motherboard. (Zenith sold later models in the Z-100 series which were much like IBM PC's; I don't "cover" those models.)

H-100 systems wanted but please read further

I often get an email like this: "I have a Z-100 system, are you interested?" Well, it depends and you have to inform me in more detail. Here's what I mean by details. 1) Where are you? - city/state/zipcode. If you are hundreds of miles away, I can't go get it. Maybe I know someone local to you. 2) What do you have? - please, some clues. 3) When must it go? If it's "next week" I can't jump to help. 4) How much do you want? I have many of these so I will pay little or nothing. I may want selected parts, even if you have to discard the rest and ship pieces. Again, I may know someone local to you who is interested. Thank you.

Z-100 software diskette sets, good copies

Here's selected Z-100 software packages I've put together. The diskettes are good copies from original diskettes. In some cases I offer extracts from various manuals, or other notes. Read the details. If you are interested in original Z-100 manuals and diskettes, check my list of Z-100 manuals and disks for availability.

Z-100 systems software disk manual package

I have had requests from "new" Z-100 owners for operating information and "boot disks" or operating systems. Consequently I've put together this Z-100 systems disk package: several disks and photocopied manual exerpts. This includes the following ELEVEN 5.25-inch 360K diskettes, copied on a Z-100 under appropriate OS's:

...and about 100 pages of exerpts from Zenith manuals as a PDF file.

11 diskettes, 100 pages of manual extracts - $85 plus shipping

The Z-100 manual exerpts are in this PDF document and contain:

If you are interested in original H/Z Z-100 manuals and diskettes, check my list of Z-100 manuals for availability.

Z-100 systems ZBASIC disk, notes

I provide a copy on diskette, of the Z-DOS (MS-DOS) ZBASIC interpreter, ZBASIC compiler, and LINK linker, which were sold for Z-100 systems. Also provided are a PDF of pages extracted from the ZBASIC interpreter and ZBASIC compiler, which provide a brief how-to-use for those programs. The ZBASIC interpreter runs under ZDOS 1.X and 3.1 and provides a familar BASIC interpreter environment for BASIC. The ZBASIC compiler programs and run-time LNK support files, with the LINK program, supports complation of ZBASIC programs. The LINK program runs under ZDOS 3.1 but fails under ZDOS 1.X with the message "requires ZDOS 2.0 or greater". LINK is required to turn .OBJ files into executables.

ZBASIC compiler, interpreter, linker on disk plus PDF of notes - $10 plus shipping. No ZDOS or OS included.

ZDOS 1.1

Copy of ZDOS 1.1 on two diskettes, plus update disk. The early version of MS-DOS for the Z-100 series. This is the OS for a number of Z-100 utilities and diagnostics. These are NOT included with the "system disks" set described above. ZDOS 1.1 on 3 diskettes - $15 plus shipping.

If you are interested in original manuals and diskettes, check my list of Z-100 manuals for availability. But most Z-100 manuals are online somewhere as PDF files.

Z-100 diagnostic disk, boots ZDOS 1.1

Heath/Zenith Z-100 Diagnostic diskette, very complete! With bootable ZDOS 1.1. $10 plus shipping.

Z-100 Hardware: parts for sale

I'm not likely selling complete Z-100 systems. Shipping is too expensive and people won't pay enough for them and my fuss in "completing" them, and packing and shipping them safely. I may sell some parts.

Contact me for available Z-100 parts. I'll see what I can do. You must tell me your city/state/postcode/country because I estimate shipping costs up front. I may be able to pull working/tested parts, but I may also have known failed parts too.

[Zenith Z100 buscard]

I often get asked about Z-100 motherboards. These are hard to sell for enough money to justify my efforts, sorry to put it that way. Z-100's are available enough (even in year 2020) that people can find them working for some modest price.I do have some non-working motherboards which may be complete (or not):
Z-100 motherboards 85-2653-1, 192K RAM-type, AS-IS condition
Z-100 motherboards 85-2806-1, 768K RAM-type, AS-IS condition
Prices will depend on condition and completeness. Remember shipping costs!

Other Heath Zenith Z-100 cards:Ask me about prices, they depend on what's available and my time or ability to test. Shipping costs determined separately, I will need a city/state/country/postalcode first.

Z-100 keyboards are fairly useful for extracting keycaps, to repair other keyboards. I have a few of these available. Sold tested and working, all keycaps and keyswitches. $69 plus shipping. Shipping weight is likely just under 4 pounds.

Z-100 cards I'll likely not sell for less than $79 plus shipping. Ask, be specific.
Heath/Zenith model 256K DRAM cards, 85-2898-1, labled 181-3917. 64K DRAMS 200ns, with manual copy.
Macrotech 256K memory cards, Z-100 tested,
Zenith floppy disk controller card, Z-100 tested,
Zenith video card (mounts on motherboard), Z-100 tested, w/64K or 32K RAM.
Zenith 4-port serial cards, with at least one serial cable set, manual copy: untested.

Zenith Z-100 Winchester (hard disk drive) card sets, I have some which worked and some that failed. At this point I'm not inclined to test. I"ve heard that repairs have been done simply by reseating and replacing IC's.

Zenith Z207-41/42 8-inch floppy drive enclosures and 8-inch drives are mentioned in the drives section of my Web page. But I'm not likely to sell the few I have left, they are too useful. The 12 page manual (the portion for the cabinet, not the drives) is available as a PDF copy from me for $3.

The Z-100 series had two models of power supplies. Zenith docs list some of them as follows, but Zenith has many other part numbers for these power supplies. ALso, the "Winchester drive" model has a P6 connector for the drive controller. Since about 2010, I have docs for these power supplies. Ask me about what power supplies I have to offer, as working or not. Weights are likely about 10 pounds. The "all-in-one" power supplies will cost more, I have few if any left.

Low profile p/s model- 234-200
Low profile p/s model with Winchester drive- 234-257
All-in-one p/s model- 234-201
All-in-one p/s model with Winchester drive- 234-256

I have a few of these pulled from working systems. I think the low profle model with P6 connector (for the Winchester card) is rectangular shaped and has the Zenith number ZDS-234-432. The "all in one" model with the CRT had a power supply shaped like a small box with a wedge-shaped top, number ZDS-234-433.

Manuals for hardware are listed with the Heath manual sets Web page.

H-89 systems, docs for sale

I'm very fond of these H89 systems, I used these some years ago and worked with a developer and manufacturer of H89 cards. See my Heath Zenith Web page for links to my H89 repairs.

Manuals for H89 hardware and software are listed on myH89 section of my Heath manual sets Web page.

Regarding H-89 hardware for sale. I have a few H-89 systems and various additional hardware boards. There were two slightly different H89 models and other variations, so these are "fun" to repair by swapping boards. But there are so many H-89's "around" that most owners just won't pay much for common parts, they just acquire (or have) another one. So it's not profitable to offer these as tested parts. If you are "stuck" and need something, you can contact me and I may be helpful.

H-8 systems, docs for sale

Thanks to the generousity of a Boston area H-8 owner, I acquired an H-8 in 2005. Follow this link for details, repairs, exhibitions. It's not for sale. Also check the SEBHC group in my Heath-Zenith "sites" section, they support old and new versions of the H8.

Manuals for H8 hardware and software are listed on myH8 section of my Heath manual sets Web page.

Z-141, Z-151, Z-148 systems, docs for sale

Z-141, Z-151, Z-148, and other models are Zenith's early PC compatible systems, that are not S-100 like the Z-100. These are not of great interest to me. But in In 2011 I acquired two Z-148 MS-DOS systems. Here's a Web page with a brief look at those Z-148's. Unfortunately, there's almost no interest in these semi-PC-compatibles since 2010. Generally the only pepole who contact me are owners who say "what can I do with these?". They are useful as old MS-DOS compatibles except when one needs "100% hardware" IBM-PC compatibility.

Manuals for Zenith PC-related hardware and software are listed on my Heath manual and disks Web page.

ZT-1 Zenith Heathkit terminal

[Zenith ZT-1] [Zenith ZT-1]

The ZT-1 is an "information terminal", it has only a wired phone-line connection with internal modem - no "serial", no RS-232. There's a non-Centronics parallel output for a printer, and an RCA jack for NTSC video (that's TV-like monitors but use a high-quality monitor for 80 column text). The unit appears to be unused, the power supply still in newspaper wrapping from the factory. I had to discard the crumbling grey foam packing. Several manuals including construction and schematic and user's are with the terminal. This ZT-1 was sold in 2021 and proved to be at least able to display a screen and respond to typing.

Zenith parts: transistors, mechanicals

In 2016 I picked up a bunch of Zenith transistors and gears, with Zenith part numbers. They are likely are for Zenith TV's and radios. In 2017, I got some NTE branded parts. Generally I only have one or a few of each, some I have "many".

Here's a list of Zenith parts by part number. Part numbers are mostly 921-30 to 921-400, 921-1100 to 921-1244, 121-300 to 121-1100 very roughly and incompletely. some gears are 834-, 861-. A few other parts. Most are individually packaged.

Here's a list of NTE parts by part number. I have several of each from NTE19 to about NTE376, NTE5008 to NTE5846. Most of these, are in labled drawers as a "parts bin". So some parts may not have NTE numbers on them. My list shows NTE number and actual part numbers, and details about these parts - largely transistors and diodes.

If you need some, identify the Zenith or NTE part number and I'll price them out. Don't expect me to sell germanium transistors at silicon prices. ;) Here's some Zenith cross-reference numbers I found, let me know if you have other cross references.

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