Alcyon QBus System

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I have a Alcyon 68K system, possibly related to a Alcyon photometer system, with a QBus hex width backplane, two MFM hard drives, 68000 10Mhz processor, about 2MB of RAM, and a tape controller card (but no tape drive). Apparently Alcyon systems may have run a propritary Unix called "Regulus". As of late 2008, I can't get much info on this system. The system runs to the extent of show a MIKBUG debugger prompt on a serial terminal, and responds to commands from the terminal. I just don't know what the commands are...This is an early, Motorola version of MikBug.

Alcyon 68000 CPU board, 512Kb RAM, serial & parallel

Alcyon chassis from rear. Note stack of four 512KB RAM cards. The system has two 5.25 inch "full height" drives in the front.

Alcyon system has a Data Technologies Corporation DTC drive interface board 007A-00003 , to a DTC SASI to MFM hard drive "Winchester" controller board, similar to a DTC 510B but without floppy controller, which is atop one of the two hard drives.

Not shown is a photo of the tape controller card, Distributed Logic Corporation or Dilog model DQ132 rev C. This is a QBus card which leads me to believe the processor board is a Qbus design, normally used in DEC PDP-11 late model computers. I have a PDF file of a manual for this card.

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