1960's Edmund Scientific "Space Conqueror", 3" reflector in box


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A few years ago, I acquired this mid-1960's Edmund Scientific Space Conqueror, 3" reflecting telescope, with tripod and finder scope, original documents, in original box. Did not appear to have been used. This item was sold in 2018. This Web page informs others about the product. See my astronomy Web page for more stuff. - Herb Johnson

[edmund] [edmund]

reflector with 3" mirror, mirror is clean
short viewfinder telescope (lens and mount shown with eyepiece)
friction eyepiece holder, prism secondary
with eyepiece, wood tripod, simple mount

[edmund] [edmund] original packing box (no logos) weight 10 pounds in box oiled cardboard 38" x 8" X 5"

[edmund] [edmund] documents have curl or folds from storage paper sighting ring. paper flyer shows mid-1960's catalog cover #671 "how to use your telescope" with added documents "New Handbook of the Heavens" paperback

Web references

Michael Weasner purchased a similar Edmund telescope in 1961 for $29.95, as an astrophysics student at Indiana U. still has it in 2004. On the same page, another owner they have it as a "Space Conqueror" from 1964.

Obit by senior editor Roger W. Sinnott of Sky and Telescope, of Norman W. Edmund in January 24, 2012, highlights "a remarkable 3-inch f/10 Newtonian reflector for just $29.50" bought by the author in 1956.

Phil Harrington's astronomical Web site with 1968 Edmund catalog PDF exerpt. Here's the page for the Space Conqueror

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