12-1/2" f/8 2-inch pyrex, coating great 1/4 wave as measured years ago
12" f/8.4 translucent coating plate glass 1.5", not chipped
Bought at Stellafane, told it came from Middlebury College VT telescope, I have iron mirror cell.
Their observatory is mentioned in ATM in 1938 Ingalls column.
The Vermont Astronomical Society reported in 1971 "..VAS travels to Middlebury College to investigate their 12" Newtonian...
VAS agreed to pay $500.00 for the telescope, but over a five year period.
The telescope had a plate glass mirror, but was deemed adequate for use in the new dual observatory."
Coating is very tenacious, FeCl did not remove, it's "usable"
8" tool, dental plaster

one of nine 8" X .8" Pyrex blanks, edges need honing Have made two mirrors from these blanks.
four 6" blanks, same material as 8" blanks above
here's the 8" and 6" blanks in a box

old 6" ground, black paint on back, polished f/5 aprox. Prob. Pyrex, has small chip
also a 6" blank with a bigger chip, and 6" hardwood "tool", as a set
8" rough polish to f7.4 says "1/4 wave"
8" f5.5 found ground and matchin dental tool, pitch removed
6" plus two-element lens prob. 48" f.l. ring is threaded
6" f/7 coated mirror with big chip.

6" mirror cut-off on a bench mount
pair, 7.5" schmidt mirrors with correcting plates (not optically matched)
Criterion? Dynamax 6-inch Schmidt-Cass with broken corrector plate, motorized mount
The Web reveals that these Dynamax 'scopes were fair at best, awful at worst. Experiment with corrector plates!
two 6" mirror cells
also have 12" spider with secondary holder
back of one 6" cell says TA11-2 No138 93 3

simple kind of 2" rack focuser with 1.25 reducer
I have another focuser of similar size, helical
JMI NGF-PX3 focuser with 1.25" reducer
8" dental tool with pitch squares
2.75" secondary in holder
also have 2.5" in holder, also 1.75" in holder

two 8.5" X .2" flat glass plates
9" x 1/4" glass plate, probably pyrex?, looks pretty flat
unused 8" Thousand oaks solar filter
12" tool, dental plaster, used for fine grinding
Edmund Astroscan 4.25" f/4 uncoated mirror, with chip
two 3.25" coated flats, 5/6" thick
about 20 1.25" circular flat mirrors, in box, pretty thin. Oddball secondaries?
Bausch and Laum boxed plate 4.75" dia 1/4" thick
4.25" f/4.5 "winters optical" mirror, 3/4" thick, coating OK 6" f/10 polished blank, "ready to go"
5.5" mirror f.l. 59Inch polish Pyrex 7.75" Pyrex, ribbed mirror 1.75" hole
mirror side of ribbed pyrex 7.75"
5" f/1 mirror.what can be done with this?
6" corrector plate 175" hole about 3/8" thick
set (not matched) 3.75" primary uncoated and secondary/corrector.