CP/M-80 V2.2 Features

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This is a bare summary of CP/M-80's features, tools, and functions; and a summary of how to migrate CP/M-80 to another 8080-based system. CP/M is an operating system which operates a diskette drive with files on various diskettes; a character-based terminal to run programs and to edit text and source code; and devices like a text printer and paper-tape storage. Users interact with programs, or with the CP/M "console" program the CCP, through the terminal. Programs access files on diskettes or on paper tape. Tools are included to develop and test programs, and to edit programs and documents.

Gary Kildall's achievement in producing CP/M was to provide a complete set of tools to not only develop and run programs, but to migrate CP/M to other hardware - yet it did not include the "source code" for the tools or operating system! And, he ISOLATED the hardware in a BIOS so a CP/M program normally need not "see" different hardware. That made most CP/M programs "generic" and independent of specific hardware. Version 2.2 completed a series of updates which also moved disk formats and features into the BIOS; that allowed support of multiple disk formats at a time when there was no standards for them.

Therefore, CP/M became a dominant operating system for 8080 and Z80 based computers of the 1970's and into the 1980's. The history of that development is described in a series of documents in my Digital Research Inc. (DRI) and CP/M Web section, reached from this home link.

For "how-to" find, install and use CP/M and alternatives, check this Web page.

features, programs, methods

Built-in commands from CCP, command processor:

transient commmands as programs with CP/M:

source code:

BIOS for CP/M:

CP/M 2.2 system calls:

CP/M disk structure:

CP/M alteration for another system:

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