Priam 7050-41 hard drive

Priam 7050-41 hard drive, 8", 70 MB, produced late 1983
PC board label "200436-82, EC 1929, CCL A, SN 0020?52"
PC board label "300505-2, EC 1999, CCL, SN 010659"
from paper document, apparently tested at factory Oct 1983
-41 model is ANSI X3.101 (X3T9) interface. 70MB MFM encoded.

condition: slight dust, no serious corrosion, no obvious physical damage to boards or exterior. Acquired as seen today, kept inside home, boxed or in file cabinet. Four nylon screws sheared off, board held in place by cabling. Drive has not been powered or spun in several years. I never operated it. Physical dimensions about 15 X 9 X 5 inches, weight under 20 pounds.

board 1 pair of 50-pin connectors.

board 2

config description

coil end

partial inside 1

partial inside 2

label 1

label 2

paper list of sectors, note 1983 date

four sheared nylon screws

dimensions and weight 15 X 5 X 9, under 20 lbs.

Documentation is at including the folowing.
ANSI interface spec
ANSI schematics

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