PDP-11/20 Exhibit

This Web page represents the layout of the PDP-11/20 exhibit. You may have to expand the width of your Web browser window to align all the images, as they will appear in the exhibit. Click on the images for details of the exhibited items. Click on the Web browser "back" arrow to return here. This is a link back to the exhibit development Web page. Exhibit development is complete, see the development Web page for links to the exhibits.

PDP-11/20 exhibit developed for MARCH by Herb Johnson, most photographs taken by Herb Johnson. Updated Aug 26 2008, Aug 30 2013.

MARCH/InfoAge PDP-11/20 collection and NBS content and photos provided/donated by Leighton Greenough. Posters designed by Herb Johnson. Additional contributors to exhibit content or artifacts include David Gesswein, Paul Popelka, Joe Giliberti, Jeff Jonas, the MANX Web site, and as exerpts and photos from DEC documentation. Thanks to many people for their discussion of and support for this exhibit.