Mac Powerbook to windowbox display

In July 2004 a customer purchased a Powerbook 520c and showed me how he converted it into a display box for his images. As many of these laptops have failed hinges, this application which removes hinges altogether is a good application! You can use an external keyboard and mouse to set up the system. Thanks to "G. D. of Maryland" for sharing his work with me and providing the images and text below. I'll forward any inquiries. - Herb Johnson

This is the case I made for the Frame. Note the cutout on the side for CD Drive to open.

The cover & screen are removed intact. The video ribbon cable is disconnected from the video board.
The image shows plexiglass angles, glued to the back of the Screen/Cover.

The same thing is done on the back of the computer. Both are attached with screws inside the box.
There are more elegant ways of taking the boards out of the case but this is easier and has less risk involved.

The bender, cpu battery are cut away so video cable can be easily attached back to video board (or removed again if needed).
Power supply is tucked underneath and off you go.

Finished unit with CD open for loading new pictures.
Used a slideshow prgm for OS 8.6 like Eclipse.