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[fixing H89, courtesy of Mike Loewen] Thanks for visiting my site. My name is Herb Johnson. I'm based in New Jersey, USA. Among "vintage" computers, I'm interested in "classic" computers of the 1970's; some Macintosh computers; and some minicomputers and graphics computers from DEC, SGI and Sun. Links below are to pages which show those systems and parts, many for sale. I also have interests in amateur astronomy and older technology. Sometimes those interests overlap. Check the home page of my Retrotechnology domain to see some of those interests.

My biggest and oldest computing collection is my S-100 personal computer equipment and documentation from the 1970's and 80's, for you to look at and/or purchase; and my on-line history of Digital Research Inc and Dr. Gary Kildall, who developed CP/M in the 1970's and beyond. I have descriptions, photos and links to related sites; documents and manuals; and some hardware. In 2009 I started a new series of Web pages on restoration and repair of these systems, by myself and by many others.

I sell some classic Apple Mac equipment and parts; some Multibus, STDbus and VME cards and manuals; and some old SGI and Sun computers, also some DEC and DG equipment. I offer and document 8-inch and 5.25-inch floppy disk drives. I have some electronic test equipment that you may be interested in purchasing. Also some odds and ends bits of equipment and books that I've found while obtaining all those other items. The photo on the left is me, and I have some basic personal information

Check my vintage computer repair and restoration pages, for information and examples of how that is done in the 21st century.

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This Web site is updated often, check the top of each page for revision dates. Most of my pages are text-oriented to speed up access and to support older Web browsers. Many of my images can be "clicked" to provide a larger image. Many of my descriptions include links to more detailed information. And, almost everything shown for sale has a listed price. Ordering is generally a matter of 1) seeing what I have, 2) deciding what you want, and 3) sending an email message listing your selections or requests and your city/state/ZIP code or city/country so I can figure shipping costs. Follow this link for contact and ordering information.

For general requests or comments, my email address is on my ordering Web page. (Sorry, due to spammers and spam filtering I have to hide my email address.) But if you want something specific, you should review the appropriate section of my site first. It will save time. Brief but broad questions get brief answers - but don't be long-winded either. While I am not full of "sage wisdom" and long-winded advice, I'm not a hermit either, just busy and respectful of your time and mine. So please READ MY WEB SITE FIRST BEFORE YOU ASK your questions, and see if what you want or want to ask is already on my site.

Postal address? Email address? Check this link for that info.

References: I've been in business for several years. Many people have been pleased to get "good hardware at good prices" from me, and I have references from them accordingly. Here are references from my Apple Macintosh sales; from my S-100 sales; from my SGI system sales.

[Mac Plus]

Herb's Mac Stuff

Since 1997, I've provided Apple Macintosh systems and their parts and accessories; from the "compact Macs" (also called "9-inch Macs") and the Mac II series, to Quadras, Centris and PowerMac PowerPC models; and a few iMacs, G3's and G4's. Mostly I specialize in pre-PowerPC Macs. I provide power supplies, motherboards or CPU boards, Nubus and PCI cards, SCSI drives, ZIP drives, and Mac parts of all kinds.

Follow this link to my Mac home page which has pointers to all my Mac pages, features and categories. Follow this link to my Mac frequently asked questions.

[IMSAI 8800]

Herb's S-100 Stuff

S-100 systems are computers, designed between about 1975 and the mid-1980's, with a specific kind of 100-pin computer "bus". For decades, I've provided assistance, hardware, and documentation for S-100 computer systems, and for the 8-inch floppy disk drives often associated with them. I wrote a series of articles about these computers for The Computer Journal in the 1990's as "Dr." S-100. Most of these systems ran CP/M, which I explore on my Web site as noted below.

I have a S-100 documentation photocopy service of manuals from many systems including IMSAI, Altair, and other computers with the S-100 or IEEE-696 bus. I also have some S-100 equipment and cards; and some books about S-100 or CP/M for sale. Be specific about your needs if you want something. Follow this link to see a list of my S-100 stuff, including cards and documentation. Follow this link to my S-100 FAQ's, or frequently asked questions.

In 2009 I started a new series of Web pages on restoration and repair of these systems, by myself and by many others. A number of the systems discussed are S-100 systems.

Digital Research, Gary Kildall, and CP/M

As of year 2010, Dr. Gary Kildall's operating system called CP/M is about 35 years old. Dr. Kildall's company, Digital Research Inc., sold that OS and subsequent operating systems and development tools into the 1990's, until the company was acquired by a series of other companies.

CP/M included the OS, a text editor, an assembler for 8080 code, a debugger, and sources for the BIOS; and a set of manuals for these programs and the OS. This provided a complete system for software development including changes to the OS itself for new hardware. It was among the most popular of OS's for the 8080 and Z80 systems of the 1970's, and other systems into the 1980's. It was the basis for what became MS-DOS. CP/M, S-100 and other microcomputer systems of the 1970's laid the foundations of personal computing that came later.

From 2004 to 2008, I've developed a Web site section about the early history of Dr. Kildall, his associates, the development history of CP/M, and how to obtain it today. See my general Digital Research & CP/M Web page, which has links to an editorial introduction to CP/M, brief descriptions of subsequent early OS's from DRI, early CP/M development. There are also links to pages on the very first floppy disk controllers, DRI history and products of the 1990's, and an outline of the critical events of the mid-1970's which led to the first "personal computers" of that era and beyond to today. This early history may be forgotten, because modern reporting of personal computing insists that Apple and IBM were the creators of "personal computers" in the 1980's and treats earlier micros as "hobby" systems.

[Zenith floppy drive]

Herb's Floppy Diskette Stuff

Closely related to the S-100 and CP/M world is the world of floppy diskette drives.Here's the link to my page of docs, cabinets, drives, and manuals for 8-inch, 5.25-inch, 3.0 and 3.5-inch floppy drives. I also have some 8-inch disk drives and diskettes for sale. I have on-line some detailed discussion and 8080 AND Z80 code for operating floppy disk controller chips, using an S-100 floppy disk conroller which I stock and sell.

In 2009 I started a new series of Web pages on restoration and repair of these systems, by myself and by many others. Some of these systems of mine are Heath computers.

[STD bus]

Herb's Multibus & STDbus & VMEbus Stuff

Intel's Multibus and Motorola VME bus are closely related to S-100, by history and design. STDbusis another older bus design. We offer some docs and cards for all these bus architectures. Check out our non-S100 cards Web page for specific links to Web pages for each bus. In 2008-09 I restored an Intel System 320, a 386 based system running Xenix. Check that Web page for details.

[SGI Indy]

Herb's SGI, Sun and DEC stuff

Follow this link to my SGI and Sun equipment. I've accumulated a variety of SGI's from Indy to 320's. I have a few older Sun systems.

Follow this link to my DEC and DG equipment, terminals and some SCSI items. I have a few old DEC systems. Also a variety of SCSI drives I've accumulated from SGI, DEC, SCSI towers, and such.

In 2007-2008, I helped or worked with the display of two DEC computers from 1969: a "straight 8" PDP-8, and a PDP-11/20. For more on the PDP-8 and PDP-11 systems, check this Web page. I also have a PDP-8/F which I may begin to restore in 2009.

[power supply]

Herb's Test equipment

Follow this link to my electronic test equipment. Mostly old stuff, but in good condition and there is a demand for old oscilloscopes and basic test gear. It's useful for servicing some of these older computers!

[vacuum pump]

Herb's Odds and Ends

Follow this link to my list of odds and ends. These items include DDS and 8MM and other magnetic tape cartridges and tape drives; old terminals; high current or semiconductor fuses; and other "odd" electronic items or items of the 1970's.

Herb's Repair and Restoration

I have another set of Web pages about repairing and restoring computers of the 1970's and earlier; and why people should bother to do so. I consider that is a valuable activity. I show how restoration can be organized and supported. I list various organizations, Web sites, events, and individuals who actively support repair, diagnosis, restoration of these early computers. Check my repair and restoration home page for details.

[GEM mount]

Herb's Astronomy Stuff

I've been an amateur astronomer since about 1990. Check this page for a summary of my astronomical activities. I have links to some local (to New Jersey USA) amateur astronomy sites, some of my work, and a few items of interest. In 2004-05, I've worked on my own telescope mirror and telescope: check the details of how I finished a mirror; and in 2005 how I'm making a new one.

Herb's Personal Stuff

[GEM mount]

I live in New Jersey in the United States with my wife, some cats and various bits of old technology. For my biography, follow this link. Your good comments, and your purchases of manuals and equipment from me, allow me to continue the old-tech work I do including this site. Thank you. Also thanks to my wife, Lois Frankel, who is a fabric artist and sewing machine supporter and collector. Here is a link to her site where she tells her side of things.

Herb Johnson
New Jersey, USA

If you are looking for my mailing address, to order something: I provide my address AFTER you tell me YOUR address and what you want to ORDER. I find otherwise that people send money first and ask questions later; or worse. Check my terms of ordering at the relevant section of my Web site: look and you'll find links to contact me and you'll see those terms. My sales policies are for your protection and mine. If you want to send personal correspondence or stuff, email first. Please don't send large files or pictures without asking me first. My email address is on one of my ordering pages.

References: I've been in business for several years. Many people have been pleased to get "good hardware at good prices" from me, and I have references from them accordingly. Here are references from my Apple Macintosh sales; from my S-100 sales; from my SGI system sales.

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